Week 9, Step 9: “The Middle, Where It’s Tough”

Now that we’ve talked about plot-line and spiritual transformation, we’re getting to the middle of the book where it gets really tough. The middle is often where you feel like you’re just floundering. You know what the climax is, but you don’t know how to get there. So here’s a few tips that I hope help you.

First of all, try not to just sit down and write. Usually you’ll get yourself into an even worse bind. Try to plan out what steps need to be taken to get to the climax.

Second, add in some suspense and adventure! Don’t be boring.

Here’s some quotes from some of my writing friends that might give you a bit of inspiration:

“So instead of writing and finding out what happens along the way, write what happens and write how they got there.” – Caleb

“I’m so stuck on this one part of my story. I’m left no other choice: Someone must be killed, put in mortal danger… or a new plotline/character must be introduced.” – Emily

Sometimes you might have to take “drastic” measures like my friend Emily. :-) But seriously, that might be your only option. Whatever you do to add suspense or excitement, make sure it always advanced the plot and doesn’t take away. Maybe adding in an unsuspected clash with the villain would be the perfect thing to get you out of writer’s block!

Remember to use your plot-line map to keep yourself on track. You might want to save one of your characters to introduce now, as well. A new character provides fun and interest to your story, particularly if it’s a romance character or a side-kick or comedy-type character.

I would also suggest having some friends read your manuscript up to this point, edit it, and give you suggestions. My friends always seem to have brilliant ideas just when I need them. Or at the very least, they give me good ideas and I use that as a springboard for great ideas.

And lastly, pray a lot, persevere, buckle down, and do it! If you have to stop writing for a day or two or just skip to the climax for a while, that’s ok. Just remember to always keep your goal in mind and keep working towards that goal.

Suggested Homework:

1. Write out different sections of the middle of your book. Often writing short sections instead of just sitting down to write will help you get through writer’s block

2. Add something suspenseful or exciting to keep your audience engaged!

3. Get a friend or family member to start editing your story so that you can have a creative mind to help you when you get stuck.


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