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I’m thrilled to announce that “A Cry From Egypt” is now available on the Kindle!! We’ve had so many people asking about when it will be in electronic form, and now it is!! Many, many thanks to the crew at Great Waters Press for all of their hard work to get this out to you all!

You can order “A Cry From Egypt” for $6 on Amazon! Click on the link below to purchase the Kindle version and to see some great reviews on my book! And please share the news with all of your friends and family members! :-)

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Book Review! “The Draegonian Invasion”

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I read a book early in the summer by one of my writing friends that was thrilling and exciting and hard to put down! You know that I’ve been frustrated by how Christian fiction out there today isn’t really “Christian.” It’s full of romance, drama, and rarely focuses on Christ. Well this great book, written by Fred Jackson, breaks the mold. It’s called “The Draegonian Invasion,” and addresses what it’s like to live in public school and still stand strong as a Christian. The book also clearly shows that our battle is not against flesh and blood, but against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places. Yes, there is spiritual warfare come to life! And it’s phenomenal and very intense at times! Here’s the synopsis:

“Fifteen-year-old Brad Johnson is struggling to figure out God’s will for his life. It’s hard to stay focused on doing what’s right amid the ‘normal drama’ of high school. Add to the mix a group of students who are bent on making life miserable if you dare to talk about Jesus, and things get real. Brad’s close friend Luke has become cynical and distant, drawn into a culture of drugs and black-metal music as the drummer of a local band.

“Things get even stranger when a video game Brad and his friends play, called ‘The Draegonian Invasion,’ begins to come to life. Brad awakens to the truth that sinister forces are attacking his friends and invading his community. He discovers that the dangers are very real and that a supernatural enemy is trying to take over his high school. The kids are wearing only black and being sucked into a life of absolute rebellion.

“With his friends, Matt and Bart, along with a youth Bible study group known as the G-Men, Brad battles alien beings, giant androids, mystical beasts, thugs, and a dark villain involved in the magical arts. He discovers the computer game’s amazing effect on reality. Facing his own fear, Brad learns how only the awesome power of God can defeat the evil lurking in the shadows.

“An action-packed adventure, ‘The Drageonian Invasion‘ speaks to the reality of spiritual warfare and shows the incredible power of faith in the only real superhero, Jesus.”

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this books. However, there are a few things I want to specifically point out. While I would highly recommend it to you all, there are some things that I don’t think would be best to introduce to younger audiences.

Pros:  Brad and Matt, the main characters of this book, are amazing young men of God. They have weaknesses and they struggle like the rest of us. But their compassion for winning the lost and ministering to those in need is so beautiful to behold, and very inspiring! They give of themselves time and time again to stand up for their friends and for those weaker than themselves, often putting themselves into great danger. They treat girls with the utmost respect. Brad’s sister is a strong woman of prayer and devotion to the word. Brad and others who are hurting go to her and Brad’s parents for advice, comfort, and wisdom. The Biblical truths in this book are convicting and empowering, and you find yourself cheering for the heros and for Brad with all of your heart.

I also love how involved the parents are in this story. Brad’s parents are leading him and guiding him and challenging him in his faith. They take an interest in his friends and are there to help him as needed. Matt’s father is a police officer, and the boys are constantly calling on him to help them when they uncover crime. Matt’s father does his duty well and honorably and is always there for his son.

The two things that stood out to me in this book, besides what I’ve already mentioned, is how the Christian young people stand firm in their faith in the midst of terrible, terrible trials. They love unconditionally and reach out to the lost, not caring what other people may do to them or what others may think. It’s truly inspiring and encouraging.

The other thing is how the spiritual warfare is portrayed. I won’t give away anything that would ruin the story, but Brad, in a sense, sees demons and angels fighting each other in the battle of good and evil. Whenever it seems that evil will win, Jesus is there. One look at Him and the demons flee. It shows the awe-inspiring power of God to protect His loved-ones and never let anything happen to them that is not in His plan or in His control. Brad is taught how to use the spiritual weapons of our warfare (faith, truth, etc.) to battle the evils around him. And when confronted with people who are filled with evil, Brad and his friends revert to prayer and to God’s power to protect them and their friends.

Cons:  While there was nothing bad in this story, I do have some things to caution you about before letting younger children or young teens read it.

First, it definitely depicts public school life for what it really is – a day-to-day struggle to keep yourself guarded and pure and stand up for what you believe. While nothing bad is ever shown, things are often talked about. Drugs are mentioned. Rock bands and demonic influences are mentioned and shown to be taking an affect on the lives of students who are getting themselves wrapped up in evil things. Brad, Matt, and Bart get bullied quite frequently. But again, things are talked about and shown to be evil and bad, which is what I like about it.

Second, a good portion of this book takes place at a kind of nightclub/bar. Brad and Matt come here (as well as police force) to help friends who have been lured into “the dark side” of things. While nothing is shown specifically about drug use or drunkenness or inappropriate behavior, it is mentioned in terms that you understand what’s going on without being blatantly obvious. And again, everything is portrayed as sin and shows the negative affects of going down that path.

Third, one of the main girls in the story named Brittany is a very lost young lady. The boys and Brad’s sister witness to her and attempt to win her over to Christ. But before Brad and others can reach out to Brittany, she becomes pregnant. While nothing is shown and nothing graphic ever mentioned, her pregnancy is talked about and they pray and hope that she won’t consider an abortion.

Overall, I loved the book! It was dramatic, exciting, convicting, and pointed me towards Christ. I would highly recommend it for those 15-years-old or older.

Here’s the website where you can buy the book, find more information about the book, and about it’s author! I would encourage you to buy the book and pass it on! Thank you!