Come To Our Party!!!

Hello Friends!

This has been a big week for my publishing family! Great Waters Press (the publishing house for “A Cry From Egypt,” “Raising Real Men,” and “My Beloved and My Friend“) has reached over 20,000 fans on their Facebook page!! Yay!! :-)

To celebrate such an exciting time and such wonderful friends, we’re throwing a party!! On Monday, January 27th, at 3pm, Hal and Melanie Young, owners of Great Waters Press and authors of “Raising Real Men” and “My Beloved and My Friend” will be doing one of their most popular sessions for FREE as an online webinar!! And you’re invited!! They’ll be speaking on “Ballistic Parenting: Surviving and Appreciating Boys.”

Click on this link to learn more about the party and sign up for this amazing and free session! They’re amazing speakers! You don’t want to miss it!

Oh! And did I mention that there are all sorts of freebies and giveaways for homeschoolers? Well… I just did! :-) There are some great giveaway from Homeschool Adventures, Joyous Home, Media Angels, Doorposts, Shining Dawn Books, Trivium Pursuit, and Mystery History!

Please join us for the fun and share with your friends! Thank you so much! Have a wonderful day, and Happy Writing! :-)