“A Stand At Sinai” is Available for Pre-Order!!!

YES!!! You read that right! “A Stand At Sinai,” book 2 of “The Promised Land” series and sequel to the award-winning book, “A Cry From Egypt,” is now available for preorder!! Yay!!

We’re printing a limited number of galley editions right now!! Galleys are the first printed version of the book that we send to reviewers, other authors, endorsers, etc. While there might be a few typos or little things that we didn’t catch, it’s essentially the same as the final version of the book which will be available in Fall! We only have a few copies available to sell from these galley editions, so order now if you want to be guaranteed to be one of the first to read “A Stand At Sinai”!!! I can’t wait to know what you all think of it!!

Click on this link to learn more about “A Stand At Sinai” and purchase the book!

By the way… Right now shipping is FREE! And you also get a free bonus download of my writing workshop, “How to Write a Novel: A Homeschooler’s Journey to Becoming an Author.” Don’t miss out on this great offer from Great Waters Press!

And…. Here it is!! The cover!! 😀 Doesn’t it look amazing? Mike Slaton, my homeschooled friend who illustrated “A Cry From Egypt” also illustrated “A Stand At Sinai”! Any guesses as to who is on the cover? :-)


Did the Exodus Really Happen???

Have your children ever asked you, or have you wondered yourself, did the Exodus really happen? Is there really evidence for the Israelites living in Egypt? Or for the Red Sea Crossing? Here’s a trailer for a documentary that I own, love, and have watched numerous times! It’s called “The Exodus Revealed: The Search for the Red Sea Crossing.” In this amazing movie, it shows archaeological and Biblical evidence to prove that the story in the Bible is more than a legend. It’s truth! I used this documentary to help fuel a lot of my research for both my first and second books! It’s engaging, exciting, educational, appropriate for all ages, and most importantly, it will help to build not only your faith, but the faith of all of your children! Please check out the trailer below and consider purchasing this amazing DVD for your family’s Biblical and historical studies!! You might want to check it out before “A Stand At Sinai” comes out, too! :-)


Poll Time!!

It’s been a long time since we’ve done a poll on my blog! So… Before my new book is released… Let’s do it! :-)

Who is your favorite character in “A Cry From Egypt”? And why? And who do you want to see more of in “A Stand At Sinai,” book two in “The Promised Land Series”?