Looking for Christmas Gifts? Look No Further!

For anyone looking for Christmas gifts for their families, please check out my publisher’s website! They’re having some amazing sales right now on lots of different toys (including rubber band guns, wooden swords, and more!), books that will build up and encourage your whole family, and audio books that are inspiring and help make long car trips more enjoyable. :-) My books are also on sale now, too! You can even buy a combo pack of my first book, “A Cry From Egypt,” my second book, “A Stand At Sinai,” and my radio theater production of “A Cry From Egypt” for $10 off it’s usual price! And the books and the radio theater are on sale if you buy them individually, as well.

Click on the link to find my books and other links to their products! And have a very Merry Christmas! :-)

One thought on “Looking for Christmas Gifts? Look No Further!

  1. Good morning, Hope,
    My children have LOVED your first two books, and (although they don’t know it yet), they’ll be opening the radio theatre in their stockings next week! Thanks so much for your ministry and for using your gifts for the glory of God. We have a family-oriented, variety-show-style podcast entitled Melody, Mystery & Mayhem. You can find it at MelodyMysteryMayhem.com. My kids would love the opportunity to interview you, via Skype, for a segment on an upcoming episode. They’d love to ask you about the writing process, the challenges of writing fictional narratives of biblical accounts, being homeschooled all the way through high school, etc. If you would be available for an interview sometime in the new year, could you please email me? And if you are unable to be interviewed, we’d still love the chance to thank you for the blessings you have provided through theses stories. Merry Christmas! From, the Burr Family email: Allison@truthbeautygoodness.net web: truthbeautygoodness.net

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