Help! Have You Ordered From Amazon?

Hello Friends! We are in need of some help. I’m copying a note from my publishers here, but Amazon hasn’t been reporting sales of “A Cry From Egypt” for the whole year. We’re sure that they’ve sold some books as we know a few people who have bought them. If you or anyone you know has bought books from Amazon in the last year, can you please comment on this post so we can contact you about getting information for the “proof of sale”? Thank you so much!

  • Hope Auer

“Hey Friends, We think Amazon has a reporting problem for A Cry From Egypt. They are reporting to us zero sales in the U.S. in 2016, compared to thousands in 2015, AND are still showing the book as a best-seller. There has to be a mistake!

If you or someone you know has ordered A Cry From Egypt from Amazon new in 2016, could you please let us know asap? If we can’t prove it to Amazon, neither Hope nor our company will be paid for books sold by Amazon. We have them handle printing for their sales, so we have no outside way to prove it.

Thanks so much, ~Hal & Melanie Young, Great Waters Press, Publishers”

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