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Meet the cast and crew of the Radio Production of “A Cry From Egypt!”

Hope Auer as the writer, producer, editor, and director! :-)

Hope Auer as writer, editor, producer, and director!

“This has definitely been a challenge for me. While I’ve helped coach acting, and of course I wrote the book, it was hard to figure out which actors and actresses sounded right for the part. I’m also not very good with technology, so getting software and getting everything recorded and organized was a stretch! But the little editing work I’ve done so far sounds so good! My book is coming to life! I have an amazing cast of characters and many people doing tech support and praying for me and supporting me. It’s so excited! :-)

My prayer is that those who hear the trailers, and maybe someday the whole book, will be able to relate to my characters and be pointed back to the Bible and to a relationship to Christ. I hope you all will enjoy it!”


Tori MacDonald as “Jarah”

Tori MacDonald as “Jarah”
Photo Credit: Elisha Brooke Photography

Tori is fifteen-years-old and a homeschooled Junior. Her first passion is God and her second passion is the theatre! :-) She has two younger siblings, a thirteen-year-old brother and a sister who is almost two! She wants to go to college for musical theatre and be a missionary. Tori is incredibly sweet and caring, just like “Jarah,” and is an amazing friend to me and so many others. Her favorite subjects in school are literature, Chemistry, philosophy, and logic. Her favorite foods are salad, tacos, and peppermint ice cream. Tori loves musicals and Broadway sound tracks. One thing people find weird about her is that she doesn’t like bacon! ūüėČ Tori loves working and playing with kids and teaching them. Tori’s prayer (and mine, too!) is that by reading “A Cry From Egypt” or listening to the radio drama, each and every person will come to know God and how amazing He is.¬†This is what Tori says about her character:

“My character, Jarah, is very much like me, especially when it comes to our struggles. I have often struggled with knowing God was there, especially when things seem to be going the wrong way. But God has shown His character and truth to me! I want you to know that God loves you and He is always with you. Even if you can’t feel Him working in your life, He is. One of my very favorite Bible verses is Jeremiah 29:11-13b which says, “‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the¬†Lord,¬†‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.¬†Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you.¬†You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. I will be found by you!’ declares the Lord.” He’s there with arms wide open; All we have to do is run into them!”


Lindy Meeker as “Acenith”¬†

Lindy Meeker as “Acenith”

Lindy was homeschooled all through school, and graduated in 2010. She attended Ellerslie Leadership Training, an intensive discipleship program in Colorado, during the Fall of 2011. Now she is¬†working as a part time nanny for a precious two year old girl, and loves being “Miss Lindy”!¬†She has been a part of Christian Youth Theatre for 7 years, as an actor, class assistant, stage director, and is now assistant directing. Lindy enjoys singing, acting, playing piano, laughing, being with family, and Christ-centered conversations with wonderful friends! Although she has a few ideas, she doesn’t know right now what her near future holds. She is trusting that God will make the next steps clear in His perfect timing! This is what Lindy says about her character:

“I learned a lot from playing Acenith, not necessarily from the character herself, but certainly through the process of bringing her to life! God faithfully helped me see that I could never do it in my own strength. I’ve never even tried to scream like that before! As I prayed, God enabled me to trust Him to do it through me. He always gives us grace for what He calls us to do. If something is challenging, it gives me an even greater opportunity to rely on Him, and to know in the end that is was only by His grace that it happened! “And¬†God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that having all sufficiency¬†in all things at all times, you may abound in every good work.” – 2 Corinthians 9:8″


Julia Johnson as “The Queen”

Julia Johnson as “The Queen”

Julia is a 2012 home school graduate. She is a professional actress whose work so far includes background acting in film and TV, as well as many different roles in Christian Youth Theatre. Her favorite subject in high school was science. Julia loves traveling and linguistics. She has a passion for acting, dancing, singing, playing piano, and all things musical. If she were stuck on a desert island with one food of choice, it would be ‚ÄúCurried Beef a la Tim.‚ÄĚ Julia hopes to one day go wingsuit flying. Julia says this about her character and the whole recording experience:

“When I first read ‘A Cry From Egypt,’ I was able to see the story of Exodus in a light I never had before. Hope‚Äôs writing style is so engaging and vivid that it was easy to imagine the characters and places in the book. When she asked if I would be interested in being a part of the radio drama, I was ecstatic. At first, I was a little unsure about how I would portray the screaming scenes. One night I told God that I knew I was nothing on my own, but that with His strength I could do anything. After giving it over to Him, He gave me such a wonderful peace about the process. As Isaiah 40:31 says, ‚ÄúBut those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up on wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint.‚ÄĚ ¬†¬†I pray that those who listen to ‘A Cry From Egypt’ will be as blessed by hearing it as I was by being a part of it.”


Jonathan Walton as “Eitan”

Jonathan Walton as “Eitan”

Jonathan Walton was home-schooled all through grade school and is currently studying Criminal Justice at Campbell University. He has a passion for music and acting, and has been involved in musical theater for eight years. During that time he performed in more than sixteen productions, and was a stagehand for over twenty productions! Jonathan plays a variety of instruments including the acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, banjo, piano, mandolin, and harmonica. Jonathan currently leads worship for the youth group at Sovereign Grace Church in Apex, North Carolina, and also helps play music for his small group and, occasionally, for the worship time at the Sunday morning service. Here’s what Jonathan said about playing his role:

“I really enjoyed playing the part of ‘Eitan’ because of his strength of character. I can relate to the struggles that Eitan deals with, and it made the role easier for me to portray. ‘A Cry From Egypt’ is a book that people of all ages can relate to and learn from. I was encouraged by reading the book, and even more when I actually working on the audio book. The rest of the cast are Godly examples to me, even though many of them are younger than I am. I’ve known all of them for many years, and I have grown to love them even more through the time spent recording. I hope you enjoy the story, and more than that, I hope you learn by listening to it.”


Naomi Koch as “Shayna”

Naomi is a passionate artist and follower of Christ! Apart from her Savior she has no purpose or true meaning in life. He is her All and All.

Naomi is also an artist and art teacher. She has many students and loves teaching them and being inspired by them in her own artwork. She also really loves acting and singing. Naomi started drama about two years ago when she joined Spiritual Twist Productions/Christian Youth Theatre.¬†Acting in Christian Youth Theatre taught Naomi a lot about dedication,¬†hard work, patience, and acceptance of His will. This is what she says about playing the role of “Shayna” in the radio drama:

Naomi Koch as “Shayna”

“Being a part of the radio drama was such a great experience on so many levels! There were so many great moments that created lasting memories I will never forget! For starters, portraying my character Shayna was a real adventure to say the least! I am not sassy or flirty, and I’d like to think I’m not very bossy either. (My family might say¬†differently.) Rather than learning a good lesson of what¬†to¬†do from my character, as many of my fellow actors did, I learned many lessons of what¬†not¬†to do. I am very happy to be able to say that I don’t think I really relate to her in any way. She was fun to act though. I mean, where else can you get away with bossing your friends around?

“I certainly will never forget the many retakes and attempts made at Shayna’s “flirty giggle.” That had to be the most awkward and¬†embarrassing¬†moment of my life. But I think one of my fondest memories was getting to¬†ad lib in the background with all the “siblings” in one scene where “the mom” was shouting around the house. What was simply supposed to be chatter in the¬†background¬†between the kids turned into hilarious banter and bursts of laughter!
“I am so excited to see how God will work in the lives of young ones through this book and audio drama. I am blessed to be a part of it, and I cannot wait for book two!”
Brandon Hall as “Lemuel”

Brandon Hall is a follower of Christ, a great actor, a great writer, and also a 15-year-old homeschool student. His favorite hobbies include running, video games, and creative writing, and his favorite subject is English. Brandon is working on his own book right now! :-) His goals for the future are to continue to work with words be it teaching, publishing, editing, or writing his own novels for God’s glory. This is what Brandon says about playing the character of “Lemuel” and the whole recording process:

Brandon Hall as “Lemuel”

“Probably the coolest thing about Lemuel is that he was around my age. However, he had the mindset of an adult and wisdom beyond his years. It was very cool to explore and portray a character who had been forced into adulthood so early, due to his slavery. Experiencing a sliver of his life led me to wonder how a modern 15-year-old would cope nowadays under that kind of pressure. Lemuel’s life has been an encouragement to me to stay strong and trust God in the hardest of times.

“The entire recording process was incredible. Being surrounded by friends and siblings in Christ, while making a novel come to life, was an experience I won’t forget. It may have included many crazy late nights, and copious amounts of whipping and screaming, but it was a very positive and amazing experience.

“I sincerely believe that God brought this specific group of people together, under Hope‚Äôs direction, to do something awesome for his Kingdom. The Bible says that ‚Äúhe who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.‚ÄĚ He has brought us this far, and I am looking forward to how he will use it in the future.”


Megan Black as “Ada”

Megan Black as “Ada”

Megan is 19 years old, and was home-schooled all the way through high school. She is now studying Early Childhood Education at Wake Tech in North Carolina. She really enjoys singing, acting, photography, and little children! Megan has been in Christian Youth Theatre for 3 years, and she is very genuine in her acting. When asked what she liked about her part and this recording experience, this is what she said:

“I like that I have the opportunity to give a passionate speech on why I believe in Yahweh even though I cannot see him. It was a great experience for me to record this segment because it reminded me of just how much my God loves me and how exciting that love is.¬†I can also understand Ada’s passion for those around her and her desire for them to know the love of her God. Her dedication to loving the lost and telling them of the grace available to them is inspiring to me. She encourages me to keep sharing with the lost in my life.

“I love the way that this story is exciting and captivating, yet overflowing with the message of the love of God. The detail and emotion jumps out and grabs at the heart of the reader and prepares them for the message of God’s faithful love and deliverance of his people.”



7 thoughts on “Radio Drama

  1. Is this available to listen to somewhere? We have loved the book, and we be very excited to listen to the radio drama! We also were wondering if there are more books planned in the series after A Cry from Egypt?

    • No, the audio drama is actually not ready yet; it’s still in the recording process. And yes, there are THREE more books coming up in “The Promised Land” series!! My brother is Hope’s illustrator, and he’s working on the illustrations now for book #2! Hope posted about one of his new illustrations here:

    • Hi Nicole!

      The radio drama is not ready yet, though hopefully by the beginning of next year samples will be on the website for you to listen to! And yes, there are three more books planned in the series! The 2nd book is getting ready to be sent to the publishers! :-) I’m so glad that you enjoyed “A Cry From Egypt”! – Hope

  2. Is it possible to get A Cry from Egypt in digital form, I live in Togo West Africa and I home school my 10 year old son and we are studying Egypt and would love to read this book.

    • Hi Tiffany!

      Guess what? We just released the Kindle version of “A Cry From Egypt” on Amazon! I just put out a blog post about it! Do you all have a kindle? Or would you need it in a different form?

      Thank you! I hope that you enjoy it! – Hope

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