Behind the Scenes!


The iPad that we used to record everything, otherwise known as “the iPapyrus.” :-)

Prepping the recording room for a fight sequence! From left to right, Jonathan as “Eitan,” Darian as our cinematographer, Patrick as an Egyptian, and Caleb as another Overseer.

The girls laughing at the guys. :-) Tori playing “Jarah,” and Carrie playing “Mariel.”

Caleb (Overseer) and Jonathan (Eitan) having a little bit too much fun with the fight scene in chapter 6 of “A Cry From Egypt.” :-)

Patrick as “Amasai” and an Egyptian Overseer, looking very scary with that whip! :-)

Half of the family practicing one of their scenes. From left to right, Jonathan as “Eitan,” Naomi as “Shayna,” Carrie as “Mariel,” Brandon as “Lemuel,” and Tori as “Jarah.”

4 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes!

  1. What programs are you using to do this? I’d like to try and start doing some radio drama type things with my siblings and friends but I don’t know what programs to use.

    • Hi Victoria! I use an expensive one. It’s called Adobe Audition. But I’ve heard that even GarageBand works for small things! You can also look up “Free audio editing software” on google and I’m sure it’ll be a big help! Or even just “audio editing software.” You’ll get a lot of options, I’m sure! And many things will give you free 30 day trials so that you can try things out! Have fun! :-)

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