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And now, for your listening pleasure….. :-) A preview chapter of the radio drama! This is chapter 12, right after Ada is returned to the palace after she and Eitan have their important conversation. Enjoy!

“Ada” played by Megan Black

“The Queen” played by Julia Johnson

“Amissa” played by Cassie Bollinger

“Jarah” played by Tori MacDonald

“Eitan” played by Jonathan Walton


Chapter 12



Here it is! Our first audio clip for you to listen to! Now mind you, it’s not all the way finished, but it gives you a little sampling of some of our vocal talent! This takes place in chapter 1 when Jarah first meets Acenith and Bes! Enjoy!

“Jarah” played by Tori MacDonald

“Acenith” played by Lindy Meeker

“Bes” played by Joshua Auer

Website clip #1

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