The book has arrived!

I  can’t describe to you the joy and excitement that ran through me when I saw the picture of my books, all neatly bound and sitting in an open cardboard box. I actually screamed. My mom, who was staring at her computer, jumped. She thought I had seen a spider. I had to quickly assure her that my scream was a scream of absolute delight and showed her the picture.

It’s unreal in many ways for me to see my book actually finished. It means that I’m starting a new phase of my life as a published author. I’m looking forward to seeing what God is going to do through this book and through me as I try to be a willing vessel for His glory.

My book will be available to the public for the first time on Thursday afternoon at the North Carolina Home Educator’s Conference! 

Press Proofs Have Arrived

Here’s a picture of our typesetter, John Calvin Young, with the first one-off press proofs of A Cry From Egypt! It’s not a great picture (the cover is not nearly this blue) but still so exciting. This is the cover folded around the loose sheets of the book interior. It’s for approval so the book can go to print. We’ll have pre-publication Advance Reader Copies by next week!

Hal & Melanie Young, Publishers

Great Waters Press