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“A Cry From Egypt” is a recommended family read-aloud in the Biblioplan curriculum

“A Cry From Egypt” is a required family read-aloud for the first year of the Tapestry of Grace curriculum

“A Cry From Egypt” is a required family read-aloud for Cornerstone Curriculum

Rob Shearer of Greenleaf Press: “Hope Auer’s book, A Cry From Egypt, succeeds on multiple levels. There are shining examples of young people wrestling with doubts and trying to understand what God is doing. There are delightful examples of healthy families, under difficult circumstances, doing what families do – caring for each other, teasing each other, loving each other. There is romance – young people thinking about marriage and seeking wise counsel – facing the eternal struggles of the course of true love. As a historian, I particularly admired her portrayal of ancient Egypt in the time of Moses. We pass too lightly through the list of the ten plagues. We know how the story ends. For those who lived it, it must have been terrifying. They had no idea what would come next, or how the story would end. Miss Auer has done an admirable job of showing us the impact that the dramatic events of the Exodus must have had on ordinary families in Egypt. A Cry From Egypt is a great read for young adults from upper middle to high school (and adults could profit by reading it too!)”

Amanda Pelser at Kids in the Word: “Hope’s writing is wonderful. I really felt like I was right there with the Israelite slaves. It was fascinating to think about the lives of the Israelites during this time from their perspective. What was it like to be a child during this time? How would the people have reacted to Moses and Aaron?”

Amy A from One Blessed Mamma: “I could go on and on, but the bottom line is that I’d wholeheartedly recommend A Cry From Egypt for anyone looking for a really well written Christian historical fiction book about the Exodus.”

April Bradley at Eclectic Montage had her son review A Cry From Egypt: “Well, for starters, I don’t like biblical stories. But, A Cry from Egypt was fantastic.”

Barbara C  from Alive in Spirit: “My youngest and I read A Cry From Egypt and both enjoyed the story. It was a book that neither of us could put down easily.  Not only does it follow the Biblical account accurately but it adds another dimension to the account making us think more about what happened during that time in history.”

Becky G on And Now the Rest of the Story: “My 10 year old son read it and LOVED it! The book itself wasn’t so big that my son was intimidated by it. It was easy for him to read (and understand) and really did a great job in giving a clear picture of life in the day of the Israelites during that time.”

Beth M from Stairsteps Aacademy: “I am very excited about the future books Hope is writing for this series! I love her writing style, the story flows seamlessly and we could all imagine the story in our minds as I read it to them.”

Brandy at Kingdom Academy: “It’s like the book helped to bring the facts to life for them, which is AWESOME, in my opinion!! This book is the first in the “Promised Land” series, so I am really looking forward to reading the rest of the books!”

Catherine Knapps: “Are your young people looking for the next good book?  I would love to recommend, “A Cry from Egypt” by Hope Auer, a homeschool graduate.”

Cariann McCready on Unionvale Homeschool: “A couple of things I really liked about the book, while the story takes place during the plagues in Egypt, Miss Auer isn’t retelling the story, she is following a family on the outside of the story as they come to know Yahweh as a family in this amazing time.”

Carol E from Home Sweet Life: “If you’re looking for a solid, captivating book for your child to read, or for a family read-aloud, we give “A Cry From Egypt” a thumbs up!”

Chante M on My Natural Motherhood Journey: “Miss Auer truly writes beautifully and captures emotions and spiritual truths so simply. The Word says His yoke is easy and His burden is light. Little Jarah is an excellent character with much depth who exemplifies that scripture. It’s beautiful to watch her relationship deepen with a God she can’t see and didn’t think was listening to her.”

Christine T at Our Homeschool Reviews had her daughter read the book. This is what she said: “I liked A Cry from Egypt because it’s exciting, fun, and I couldn’t wait to read what’s next (once I was assigned to read one chapter and I read three)!  It has friendship, love, and adventure and you don’t even notice you’re reading history.  It’s a great book for all ages!”

Cristi S from Through the Calm and Through the Storm: “I highly recommend it for all families — families that enjoy engaging read-alouds, students wanting to take a closer look at the story of the Israelites’ redemption from Egyptian bondage, or homeschoolers looking to add a greater depth of understanding to their Biblical history studies.”

Dana L on LuvN Lambert Life: “Hope Auer wrote this wonderful historical fiction to capture the interest of the child reading it, as well as adults.  Through it she shares life, biblical ideals and the story of the Lord in a way children can understand.  This is one story you don’t want to miss.”

Diane K at Cabin in the Woods: “We have read a lot of historical fiction for Ancient Egypt over the past few years. A Cry From Egypt is by far the best. I found myself, as an adult, riveted to what would happen next.”

Danielle at Raising Little Rhodies: “If you have a historical fiction lover, they will eat this book up! I know because I have one and he did.”

Dawn Winters from Guiding Light Homeschool: “I seriously have no words that can properly explain everything awesome about this book. The author, Hope Auer, is a young Christian woman who has an overwhelmingly amazing writing talent! A Cry From Egypt is a story like no other I have read.”

Debra H at Note-able Scraps: “In addition to accurate historical content, I enjoyed knowing that Hope had begun this book when she was a child herself. Reading a book about what children would have experienced from a child’s point of view is enlightening. I hope that even more than learning about history, that it has made my children think about their own faith, about the identity of the God we worship, and about their place in His plan.”

Gwen Tolliver at Tollivers to Texas: “You know how much our family loves read-alouds and this book would be one the whole family could enjoy. ”

Hillary M from Our Homeschool Studio: “As soon as our copy of the book arrived, we started reading. We were immediately drawn into the story and lives of the characters. Set in ancient Egypt, we watched from the perspective of a Hebrew family as the events leading up to the Exodus began to unfold.”

Hope Jackson at Homeschooling 3: “A Cry from Egypt is one of the best Christian historical fiction novels I have ever read. I am not exaggerating one bit.”

Jan B from Encouraging Moms Who Homeschool: “I was pleased with the content in A Cry From Egypt, as it really is the kind of book my children can read without me worrying what they’ll be exposed to.”

Jen B from Reflections in the Window: “Throughout the story we experience what it was like to actually be there when the plagues were sent. Seeing Aaron and Moses, hearing them tell Pharaoh to “Let the people go”. I cannot describe the feeling that came over me while reading this book. You must get this book and read it with your children. They will be talking about this for days to come.”

Jen U at Unsell Land: “This would be a great book to use in your history studies and how exciting that you can share with your children that another homeschooler wrote it.”

Jenn M from A Glimpse of Our Lives: “Though the story takes place parallel to Biblical history, it is not adding to the Bible. This is a story that can aid in your children’s understanding of that time, especially if they like to read (or be read to.)”

Jenn W at One House Schoolroom:A Cry from Egypt was both historically accurate and amazingly inspiring to both of our young children. The action scenes described in this book kept my 10 year old warrior boy on the edge of his seat and the sweet perspective of a young slave girl brought my 8 year old tenderhearted daughter to tears several times. This mama was truly satisfied with this book for several reasons – the knowledge my children gained in biblical history, the sparks of righteous indignation I saw spring forth in their hearts, and the FUN we had reading this book as a family.”

Jennifer K at Our Peculiar Lives: “Hannah was so intrigued by what might happen next that she carried on reading as I worked in the kitchen…By the time this review was written, she had read it five times through and is working on number 6!  I’m pretty sure she has decided to memorize it.”

Jill C at Clark Clan Craziness: “A Cry from Egypt by Hope Auer is historical fiction of the highest caliber. It is well researched and accurately portrays the time period of the Hebrews during the ten plagues.”

Kara at The Fearsomely Fantastic Four: “I myself found it a fun read, as an adult!  It had more “meat” to it than your average kids book but it was still a very engaging read.  The author, Hope Auer, does a good job of making the time she is writing about come alive in a real way.”

Kara H from Home With Purpose: “The story really brings the events of Exodus alive! Jarah’s struggle with her faith in the midst of her people’s captivity is realistic, and the relation of each plague to a particular Egyptian god is deftly woven into the story and dialogue.”

Karyn T on Teach Beside Me: “Reading to kids sometimes takes a little longer than I want. If I like the book, I sometimes start sneaking and reading ahead. That is just what I did with this book. I was enjoying it too much and really got too impatient. I had to keep going on my own.”

Kristi at The Potter’s Hand Academy: “A Cry from Egypt is a really terrific book.  We literally couldn’t put it down as it went through the plagues.  We are very much looking forward to the continuation of The Promised Land series.”

Kimberly at Train Up a Child: “I couldn’t put it down once started and finished in the wee hours of the morning.”

Kimberly L from We Love to Homeschool: “This book has added such insight into an amazing time in history, when God worked amazing miracles and signs and wonders. “A Cry from Egypt” gives us insight into the culture of the time also: clothing, food, housing, traditions, climate, etc. This has been our favorite read-aloud this year. I didn’t know what to expect, didn’t know if we would enjoy it.  But I can tell you now…It is very good.”

Kyle Shepherd at Always Advancing:Hope Auer has done a great job, in my opinion, of combining biblical historical events as recorded in the book of Exodus with the story of a fictional family living under the tyrannical Pharaoh’s rule. Not only was her writing cohesive, but it was engaging: even though this book was written for a younger audience of boys and girls, it held my attention—as a nineteen-year-old!”

Kym T from Homeschool Coffee Break: “Hope Auer’s book captures that suspense, uncertainty, and anticipation very well; and explores some of the probable situations that Hebrew people may have experienced.”

LaRee B from Broad Horizons: “I seriously can’t think of anyone I DON’T recommend this to!”

Laura H on 4 Little Penguins: “It’s always a relief when I find a book that I can safely hand over to my children without concern. Not only was there not anything to worry about in A Cry from Egypt, but I knew that by reading it they were getting reinforcement in the principles I teach them… God is in control; He has a plan for our lives; we can trust Him to do what is best for us even when circumstances around us are bleak and full of problems.”

Laura Lane at Harvest Lane Cottage: “A Cry from Egypt brought new perspective to my reading of the Exodus account in Scripture. Good fiction is not just entertaining but enlightening, too. This book met that expectation. It just seemed to add flesh to the bones of the story. Moses is seen from a distance, but the true focus is on Jarah’s family and the struggles of slavery. You know, I’ve read the story from Exodus many times. I never stopped and imagined just what it was like for the Israelite families. Perspective is everything.”

Laura O from Day By Day In Our World: “I read the title over the course of a few evenings and found the story to be one that helps to bring more life to the plight of the Hebrews in Egypt. Reading straight from Scripture, you can imagine how rough life must have been when Moses came before Pharaoh and demand that he let the Israelites go. But, it is in a novel like this where you can see one person’s vision of that life painted before you through words.”

Leslie E on More2Les: “Sure, we all know there were plagues and if you grew up in church, you probably still remember the words and motions to “Pharaoh, Pharaoh, OOOOOOHHHHH let my people go, UH!” but I have never read such an amazing account of the story. I felt like I was there… It brought this portion of Scripture to life and I’m so honored to have been able to have my family read it.”

Linda B at Homeschooling 6: “After reading the first chapter with the children, I snuck off to read more. I stayed up late to finish it. That’s how drawn into Jarah’s world I was.”

Linda P from Linda’s Lunacy: “I really liked how the story draws you in. You feel like you are really there with Jarah and her family, working and crying. Yes, I was brought to tears in a few places. That’s how far into the story I was.”

Lis P at Acorns of Gold: “To Hope Auer, I’d like to say “mission accomplished!” You have written a book that draws the reader in and holds their attention captive.”

Lisa M from The McClanahan 7: “My girls all know the bible account of the 10 plagues, but this book allowed them to see into the lives of the Israelites & Egyptians. It also helped them to see the awe of God’s protection of the Israelites during the plagues.”

Lisa T at Happy Homeschooling Mom: “Just reading the author’s preface made me want to read this book. Especially this part, “I wanted children, young adults, and adults to be able to read something that would encourage them and inspire them to spend more time in the Word studying God’s plan for the world and His plan for His Chosen People.” What an awesome motive for writing a book!”

Lisa W from The Army Chap’s Wife: “There have been several books that my kids have wanted to read that I have had to say, “Let me read it first and we’ll see.” You just never know. That was not the case when I received A Cry from Egypt from Great Waters Press to review for the TOS crew. I knew that I wanted my 12-year-old to read it, and I was confident that I could hand it to her without having to be concerned about the content.”

Lora F on My Blessed Life: “The characters are well-developed and my children (especially my daughter) have really connected with them.  And even though we know the main plot line of the story from the Bible, the author of this book has done an amazing job of painting a much more vivid picture of the plagues in Egypt and also building on what could have been going on in the Hebrew community at the time.  My children beg for “just one more chapter” every time we have to put it down.”

Lynn M at This Day Has Great Potential: “I’ve said it before and I must say it again.  This is my heart’s desire — to see my children draw near to our Heavenly Father.  I want them to knew the power of GOD and feel His love for them.  A Cry From Egypt helps us do just that.”

Marisa C from Lighthouse Classical Academy: “I love historical fiction especially those where the main story is lower on the fiction and high on the historical events of a time period. A Cry from Egypt did not disappoint me in that arena!”

Marla C on Sincerely Home: “I would say this book changed how I think of a major biblical event forever!”

Megan D from Half-Pint House: “Just like the title implies, the book is set in ancient Egypt during the time of Israelite captivity when Moses was sent to free the people. It provides an interesting perspective of what it might have been like to have been alive during that time and does so in such a way as to hold an 8yo’s attention. That is no small feat!”

Melanie S from A Year of Jubilee Reviews: “What I love about what Hope Auer has done, is make the Word come alive for young readers and listeners. She has taken biblical, and historical accounts and put them into a fiction story (but possibly quite accurate), and through imagery and vivid descriptions has taken the facts of the Bible and spun it into a story that will stick with the kids!”

Melinda W at Weiser Academy: “My son loved this book!  He is 12 years old and this book had everything he looks for in a good story.  He could not put it down.  He read it every opportunity he had.  He took it on a trip with him to read in the car, and read it at home too. He wants to let everyone know that this is the best book he has ever read!”

Michele P from Family, Faith, and Fridays: “One of the things I enjoyed most about this book as a parent was that Hope did an excellent job of focusing on her story, while staying true to the Biblical account of the plagues in Egypt.  She allowed the Bible to speak for itself with the details she presented, neither adding nor subtracting from it.”

Miranda H at Memories By Miranda: “I read the first 3 chapters in the first sitting! In all honesty, the book took over our home for next 2 days. I ended up reading it while making lunch, while the kids did their chores and INSTEAD of school work for 2 days.”

Mona Lisa S on Happily Homeschooling: “I was really impressed with the amount of time that was obviously spent by Hope in preparation for writing it. I was drawn in to the story from the very first paragraph and didn’t want to put the book down. As each event unfolded, I found myself imagining being there, in Egypt, watching Jarah’s experiences, feeling her emotions, and yearning to help. Even though she is a fictitious character, Hope personified her as though she were real, and her story was already written down.”

Monica B at 3 Crazy Monkey’s: “What I have read so far is just incredible! I love the story, and how it keeps you begging for more. I hate to put it down, even when I have to.”

Nicole C from Some Call It Natural: “The book is biblically and historically accurate, although it is a fiction book.  I think that’s part of what makes it enjoyable for my kids.  It is not boring history, even though they are getting a history lesson as they read the book!”

Nicole W at Mama of Many Blessings: “This story is such an amazing account of the Isrealites lives and really brings some of struggles faced by both during this time in history. The language used in the book is beautifully descriptive and captivating, drawing children in and giving them a detailed view of the lives of the Hebrews and Egyptians during this hard time in History.”

Patsy Brekke on Mrs B’s Bonnet at “I have worked as a writing teacher and editor for my entire adult life. I have read more stories from young authors than I can count, but Hope’s work is the first to make me think of JRR Tolkien, CS Lewis, and Frank Perretti when I read it.”

Penny K from Knee Deep in Grace: “I chose to read this aloud to my older teens and down. I read a few chapters at a time and then we would discuss it, not because we were having “school” but because it genuinely prompted stimulating conversation.”

Reinita K at Krazy Kuehner Days: “Is it a great read together? OH YEAH!!! Not only can you read this together as a family for bible study, but you can also use this for history class. A great way to help combine subjects or just spend some extra time reading with your kids. It’s really a hard story to put down.”

Sarah B from Growing for Christ: “Step back in time and travel with me to Ancient Egypt to the time of the Hebrews being slaves.  Written from a Christian worldview this will be unlike any fictional book that you’ve read based in Egypt.  Having a child who is very interested in anything Ancient Egypt, it’s hard to find books and items that come from a Christian worldview and satiate her desire to learn about the Egyptians of old. In fact, it’s near impossible, since so much focus on is their fake gods and goddesses and other non Christian beliefs – so when I saw this new book was being offered to members of the TOS Crew, I jumped on it knowing my daughter and all three of my children would enjoy it.”

Sarah D from Ahoy Maties: ” Hope Auer, the author of A Cry from Egypt, is a young lady with a passion for writing historically and biblically accurate,
yet interesting – no, captivating, stories.”

Sharon B at Life With The Tribe: “I read this book aloud to all of my children. We often read it during lunch or before bedtime. It was enjoyed by my children aged 6 -13. They were always requesting I read one more chapter in spite of the lunch dishes that were demanding to be washed. No sooner had I closed the book at the end, everyone was asking if they could read it on his/her own.”

Shawna B on Tenacity Divine: “Hope Auer… achieved the seemingly impossible; in A Cry From Egypt, she’s written historically (and Biblically) accurate Christian fiction that leaps off the page and captivates the imagination as well as any secular tale… This is exactly the type of writing that the Christian fiction genre needs. Not fiction that is preachy, not fiction that is blatant and obvious, not fiction that has a few token things thrown in to make it “seem” Christian – but fiction that has a Christian heart and soul.”

Steph D at Mom Kaboodle: “Although I had learned about Moses and the Israelite’s  Exodus from Egypt through Sunday School and in my own Bible readings, I didn’t know that the ten plagues that the Lord sent down on the Egyptians each singled out one of the Egyptian’s false gods… I loved the way that this was explained throughout the book in a way that my son could understand. We’ve also been reading the accounts from the Bible to accompany this story – just to reaffirm the Biblical basis of the storyline.”

Susan Godfrey on Finding Beauty: “We are currently studying Egyptian history, so this book couldn’t have arrived at a better time.  I started reading it aloud to Riley the other night.  Generally, we read one chapter of a book per night, but this one had Riley begging “for just one more chapter, Mom!””

Susan R from At Home and School: “The story helps us see that in any time of crisis or despair, we can choose our response, and where or in whom we place our faith.”

Susan V at Slighty Nerdy: “I am a voracious reader, and I can say firmly that this book is really really good. It was an adventure of the heart where we see the mighty work of God’s deliverance and building of faith in His followers that we know is an integral part of  our story as Christians as well. We will definitely be purchasing book two when it comes out!”

Tara M at This Sweet Life of Mine: “This book is written in a way that it will grab the attention of boys and girls alike. The historical accuracy was fantastic. I enjoyed reading this story through the eyes of 12 year old Jarah.”

Taunya R from Taunya’s Place: “The story is amazing! I quickly realized why my son wanted to finish it! I loved the balance of history, Bible facts and even romance. Hope does a good job of relaying the character’s dilemmas.”

Tearri R at We Don’t Need No“I liked everything about this book. I think it is a perfect book with a perfect plot. I can’t believe that this was written by someone so young!”

Terri B from Burkherts Brigade: “I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and my daughter is reading it now, too. Upon finishing my reading I have a different understanding of the time of the plagues, and I have been blessed by the time spent in it.”

Terri G at Accidentally Homeschooling:I loved this story! I was in awe as I thought about how well written this story is. Hope Auer has an incredible way creating believable characters and weaving multiple story lines together. This book is a must for anyone who is studying Ancient history with their family.”

Tess H on Circling Through This Life: “Ms. Hope Auer brings a new perspective to a very old “story” and shows the reader the humanity of both the Hebrew slaves and their Egyptian captors.”

Tina B from Homeschooling and Family: “The author can definitely think “outside the box.””

Wendy Ross at Life At Rossmont: “I loved how, when I came to the end of the chapter, they begged me to keep reading!”


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  1. I was blessed to receive a review copy of A Cry from Egypt and I wanted to post my review of the book. I’m not sure if this is the place to do that or not, but here it is…
    Recently I began reading through the Old Testament with my children. We had just finished reading about the Israelites in Egypt when we began the book, A Cry from Egypt. We absolutely LOVED it! My kids did not want me to stop reading.

    The book drew us into the lives of an Israelite family during the time of slavery in Egypt. It helped us to better understand what life may have been like for the Israelites. When we read the story in the Bible, it seems that we focus so much on what Moses and Aaron are doing with Pharaoh and the Egyptians, but I had never really thought about what the Israelites must have gone through.

    Thank you for writing such an excellent book Hope….when will the next one be out? The kids are asking….well, me too :).

    • Thank you so much for your great review! I’m not quite sure when the next one will be out…. But I’m actively working on it! :-) Look for more information as we approach Spring and Summer! :-)

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