Then and Than

Here’s a fun grammar tip for you! It was only a year or two ago that I finally got the difference between “then” and “than” straight! Grammar is important! :-)

Then vs. than. They are not the same.

Great Writing Tips!

While researching some ways to improve my own writing, I found this awesome article with writing tips! Thirty-four authors and article writers put these together and some of them are so helpful! I hope this benefits your own writing as well as it has benefited mine! :-)

Underwater Ancient Egyptian City Discovered!!

This is soooo cool! A ton of new artifacts from Ancient Egyptian has been found…. UNDERWATER! It’s a whole lost city! And all of these neat artifacts are being brought up to the surface for research! I can’t wait to read more about this. :-) I hope you enjoy this new discovery as much as I have!

Ideas for getting out of Writer’s Block!

Here’s a great website with some games, exercises, ideas, and other resources to help you get out of writer’s block! It looks like a ton of fun and something that all of you aspiring writers would really benefit from! Enjoy! :-)

Getting up and Speaking!

Hello All!

This past Saturday I spoke at a small homeschool conference in Smithfield, NC, with the Johnston County Home Educators’ group (or JCHE). I was so blessed to be able to speak and really enjoyed my time there. I had many teens, and several parents, in my room for each session, and they all stayed so engaged and attentive! It was amazing! God definitely blessed it. I gave two new sessions for the first time ever. The first session was entitled, “What Do I Do With the Rest Of My Life?”, which was brand new for me! Then I gave my “How to Write a Novel” talk, which I thoroughly enjoyed. And my last talk had a packed out room, which didn’t surprise me too much because of the topic. I was speaking on “How to Have Healthy Guy/Girl Friendships,” which seemed to be a blessing to many. These talks were recorded, and hopefully by the end of this summer they will be available on my website!

Doing three talks in one day (actually three talks in four hours!!), I didn’t really know how it was going to go or how my voice was going to hold out. I also didn’t feel incredibly prepared for these talks, and while I wasn’t nervous, I was worried about stumbling over my words or taking away from the message of my talks. I’m very thankful that my parents put me into acting at the age of five so that I wouldn’t be afraid of public speaking! It definitely worked! :-) But I’ve also learned through my acting experience with a Christian group how you always need to be relying on God for the strength to do everything, even just taking a deep breath in between sentences. :-) I’m very thankful that the talks went so well and that people were very encouraged by it.