Radio Drama Update!

For those who have been waiting on the radio drama…. We’re making progress!! I plan to have another preview chapter or two available on the website by the beginning of next week! Yay! I can’t wait to hear what you all think! :-) Stay tuned for more updates!

We also figured out how many people can fit in a recording closet this past weekend! The answer is….. Nine!! :-) I had so much fun recording with these extras (from left to right), Sarina, James, Becky, Rachel, Zach, Stephanie, Will, Dion, and Wilson! You’ll get to hear their amazing acting voices in the voices of the maids, Jewish girls, Egyptians soldiers, and magicians!

Having fun with our extras! :-)

NCHE Conference Fun!!

A very belated post…. But here’s some pictures from the pre-release of “A Stand At Sinai” at the NCHE (North Carolinians for Home Education) conference in May of 2014! It was an amazing weekend! We had so many great sales and awesome feedback! And a phenomenal team making everything work. :-)

Click on this link to pre-order your own copy of “A Stand At Sinai” before the big release in Fall!! :-)

Enjoy the pictures! :-)

And now there are two!!! :-)

Signing my first copy of “A Stand At Sinai”!

Here it is!!! Isn’t it beautiful??? :-)

My own little corner of the booth!! :-)


Ancient Egyptian Deities to Study!

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to be posting several blog posts about how each of the 10 Plagues in the Exodus attacked the Egyptian gods and proved that our God is the only real and true God. While I was searching around the internet today, I found these page with some basic facts about some of the most important Egyptian gods. Check them out! Isn’t some of this ridiculous? :-)

And tune back in soon for more posts about these guys! :-)

Speaking at JCHE this Weekend!!

Hello Everyone!!

Myself, my dad, and one of my publisher’s sons, John Calvin Young, are speaking at a homeschool conference in Clayton, NC, this weekend on Saturday!! My dad and I are speaking on “The Value of a Non-Academic Education” at Noon, and then I’m speaking on “How to Write a Book: A Homeschooler’s Journey to Becoming an Author” at 1:30pm. John Young is speaking on “Playing in the Big Leagues, Preparing for Academic Success in College” at Noon, and “Save The Future, Take Economics!” at 1:30pm. You can find more information about the homeschool conference and book fair here:

My new book, “A Stand At Sinai,” will be available for purchase there, as well as many other new products from Great Waters Press. We’d love to see you there!!


Building a Pyramid out of Sugar Cubes!

Have you ever made a pyramid out of sugar cubes with your kids? If you’re looking for something fun and educational on your summer break, make this craft! It’s fun for all ages! Watch this 3 minutes tutorial below for a list of ingredients and instructions. You can pretend to be Jarah and Lemuel and Eitan while you’re building it, too! :-) Share your pictures of your new creations on my Facebook page!



“A Stand At Sinai” is Available for Pre-Order!!!

YES!!! You read that right! “A Stand At Sinai,” book 2 of “The Promised Land” series and sequel to the award-winning book, “A Cry From Egypt,” is now available for preorder!! Yay!!

We’re printing a limited number of galley editions right now!! Galleys are the first printed version of the book that we send to reviewers, other authors, endorsers, etc. While there might be a few typos or little things that we didn’t catch, it’s essentially the same as the final version of the book which will be available in Fall! We only have a few copies available to sell from these galley editions, so order now if you want to be guaranteed to be one of the first to read “A Stand At Sinai”!!! I can’t wait to know what you all think of it!!

Click on this link to learn more about “A Stand At Sinai” and purchase the book!

By the way… Right now shipping is FREE! And you also get a free bonus download of my writing workshop, “How to Write a Novel: A Homeschooler’s Journey to Becoming an Author.” Don’t miss out on this great offer from Great Waters Press!

And…. Here it is!! The cover!! :-D Doesn’t it look amazing? Mike Slaton, my homeschooled friend who illustrated “A Cry From Egypt” also illustrated “A Stand At Sinai”! Any guesses as to who is on the cover? :-)


Did the Exodus Really Happen???

Have your children ever asked you, or have you wondered yourself, did the Exodus really happen? Is there really evidence for the Israelites living in Egypt? Or for the Red Sea Crossing? Here’s a trailer for a documentary that I own, love, and have watched numerous times! It’s called “The Exodus Revealed: The Search for the Red Sea Crossing.” In this amazing movie, it shows archaeological and Biblical evidence to prove that the story in the Bible is more than a legend. It’s truth! I used this documentary to help fuel a lot of my research for both my first and second books! It’s engaging, exciting, educational, appropriate for all ages, and most importantly, it will help to build not only your faith, but the faith of all of your children! Please check out the trailer below and consider purchasing this amazing DVD for your family’s Biblical and historical studies!! You might want to check it out before “A Stand At Sinai” comes out, too! :-)

Poll Time!!

It’s been a long time since we’ve done a poll on my blog! So… Before my new book is released… Let’s do it! :-)

Who is your favorite character in “A Cry From Egypt”? And why? And who do you want to see more of in “A Stand At Sinai,” book two in “The Promised Land Series”?


Meet a Villain from Book Two of “The Promised Land Series!”

Meet one of the villains in “A Stand At Sinai”… The Horned Viper!! Snakes seem to keep popping up, don’t they? :-) Where does this little guy turn up? Well… You’ll just have to wait and see. :-)

Yes, I do have a fear of snakes. I really, really don’t like them. Which is why Jarah doesn’t like them now! :-) But when the opportunity came up for another snake scene for my second book, “A Stand At Sinai,” I just couldn’t resist! :-)

Here’s what this little guy looks like!

And you can learn more about this really cool snake at this link!:

“A Cry From Egypt” has been awarded “Christian Small Publisher 2014 Book of the Year”!!!

Yes!! You read that correctly! My book, “A Cry From Egypt,” received the “Christian Small Publisher 2014 Book of the Year” award!! Ahhh!!!! :-)

Thank you, thank you, thank you, THANK you so much to everyone who voted and who passed on the word about my book! I couldn’t have done it without all of you faithful fans and friends! :-) This is such a huge blessing to me, and to the Great Waters Press family, who now has two award-winning books in their catalogue! :-)

The crazy thing was that I really didn’t think I was going to win. I barely had any hope of receiving the award. I promoted it a ton on my blog and Facebook and other places when it was first announced, but I hate having to ask people to vote for things and didn’t push it too much. I meant to do another wave of posts on April 1st, when I suddenly realized (on April 1st!!) that the voting was closed!! No!!!!! Terrible planning on my part. :-P So I just assumed that I hadn’t received the award and blamed myself for it.

On Saturday night, my dad got a phone call from my publishers saying that they wanted to come by our house. Now, my publishers live over an hour away. They don’t just come by. I had no clue why there were coming. My first thought was, “This is either really, really bad, or really good.” Since we’re still working through the editing/publishing process with book 2, I prepared myself that this would be pretty bad. Either that, or they just wanted to bring me a contract or let me know that I’d been accepted by a big distributor or something. So I prepared myself for the worse and was really nervous. They didn’t get to my house until over one-and-a-half hours after they had originally called. At this point, my nerves were fried!!

Then all of a sudden the doorbell rang. I immediately jumped up to answer it. My publishers and their son came in, and Mr. Young had a purple folder in his hand. Mrs. Young was holding something behind her back, and told me to scoot away from the door so that I couldn’t see what it was. My mind was kind of in a whirl at this point, and I didn’t know what to expect or what to do. Mr. Young simply said, “We received this email today about your first book and we really thought that you needed to read it.” He said it with such a straight face!! I don’t think I even said anything. I just took the folder that he offered me and flipped it open. My heart was racing! And then I read this:


A Cry From Egypt, Hope Auer, Great Waters Press,

has won the 2014 Christian Small Publisher Book of the Year Award in the Young Adult category!”

I still can’t remember how I responded. I think I gasped and screamed and said something along the lines of, “I got the award??” And my mom screamed. And my dad and brothers cheered. And my heart started racing in a completely different way and I had a hard time breathing. And I couldn’t stop smiling. :-) And my grandparents and aunt and uncle and cousin who were visiting for the night all ran up to congratulate me! And Mrs. Young presented me with flowers that she had been hiding behind her back. And I was laughing. Oh my goodness. Sometimes my heart still pounds thinking about it! To go from expecting the worse – or at least something not NEARLY as good! – to getting the best surprise of my LIFE!!

I want to again thank all of you for your votes and for spreading the word about my book! You all are so amazing! And I want to give a HUGE shout-out to my publishers, Hal and Melanie Young at Great Waters Press! They have worked SO HARD to get my book into the hands of so many people, and they worked hard to get it nominated for this award and get enough votes for us to win! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU everyone!! :-)

And finally, all glory and praise to God! This book is completely based off of His story, and as I’ve said before there were so many times that I know that He wrote through me. It was nothing I did of my own accord. It was all Him. Thank you, Jesus, for this wonderful gift to me! :-)

Click on the link below for the official announcement!

Yep. That smile says it all! :-)

My publishers and I!

My publishers and my incredibly supportive and amazing parents. :-)